Two Queenslanders caught riding a gravel bike to the office

Two Queensland women were caught riding their dirt bike to their office in Moroni, on Monday, after they were spotted in the parking lot of a local hardware store.

Key points:A local woman spotted two Queensland women riding their gravel bike in Morona last nightThe women were wearing their “fringe” clothingThe pair were later arrestedThe women, aged 21 and 22, were spotted cycling the dirt road to their workplace.

“I just looked up and saw them riding their bike, obviously wearing fringe clothing, and I thought it was weird,” Ms Matera said.

“But they were wearing fringe shoes and it looked like they were riding on top of it, so I just looked over and saw they were probably on top and just started following them.”

They stopped on the way down the road and said they didn’t see any bikes, and that’s when I realised I was following them.

“The women left the gravel bike on the pavement and parked it at the garage next door.

Ms Materas mother, who works in a local electronics store, alerted police to the pair’s presence, after she spotted them cycling in the car park.”

It was just the first time I saw it,” Ms Maceras mother said.

She said the pair were wearing “fringes” – short shorts, long socks and gloves – and they were clearly “fucking out” on the road.”

If you look at their shoes, they looked like you could pick them out of a lineup,” she said.

The woman who saw them was also shocked to see them.”[I was] thinking, ‘They look like they could have just come from another world’,” she said, adding that the pair was “looking like they might be homeless”.”

It just really makes you question your life, how are you going to get out of here?”‘

It’s not acceptable’The women said they did not know the women had taken off their clothes and that they were not breaking any laws.”

The last thing I wanted to do was to cause trouble, so it wasn’t acceptable,” Ms Montera said, according to The Courier-Mail.”

You can’t put it out of your mind, it’s not okay.

“The police said the women would be referred to a specialist bike shop for further enquiries.”

This is a very serious offence and we’re going to deal with it to the fullest,” Ms Smith said.”[We] are doing our utmost to try and find them a suitable place to live.

“Anyone who sees something like this, whether it’s on the street or riding a bike, we will do whatever we can to identify them.”

Anyone with information about the incident is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.