How to install your favourite composting toilets

A new toilet for your composting toilet will soon be available from a new supplier: the Blue Water Co-op.

Blue Water’s toilet is not a toilet.

It’s a composting unit, and it works like this: you throw up the waste.

It has a toilet plunger to take it up, and you have a hose attached to the front of it to help you collect it.

There are two parts to it.

The first is the toilet.

You’ll need a toilet with a handle.

The second part is the waste disposal unit.

Here’s how it works.

The toilet itself is made of a high-tech material called biodegradable ceramic.

A ceramic toilet is one of the most durable and environmentally friendly materials.

Its main drawback is that it needs to be stored at room temperature, and so it needs air circulation.

It needs a constant flow of fresh air to function.

But Blue Water has designed the BlueWater Blue Co-Op composting tank to work in a much different way.

It uses an environmentally friendly polymer that you can buy from your local garden centre.

BlueWater’s ceramic toilet can be recycled, so you can take the waste directly to the compost bin and it will be composted to make the toilet more compostable.

The toilet will then be disposed of in the bin, and BlueWater’s composting system will collect all the waste and use it to make other products.

So far, the company has sold the Bluewater Blue Co, which it calls a “micro-system”.

It will be available for £69.99 from the Blue Waters website on February 13.

You can buy it for £39.99 in the UK.

BlueWater is hoping to reach the US soon, but its product will only be available in Canada.

It says that it has started a crowdfunding campaign to make it available to more countries.

It also wants to sell in China.