The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame – Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall Of Fame – The Rock ‘N’ Roll Story


You’ve never been to The Rock’n’Roll Hall Of Famer’s house?


You know who he is?


You have the honor of being the first black rockstar to appear on the Rock’N’Roll TV show.


He is one of the greatest artists in rock history, and the greatest rock musician of all time.5.

You were the first person to sing the famous “Rock ‘n Roll Anthem” for the Hall of Famer.6.

You’re the only person who knows what it’s like to have a rockstar’s heart beat for the Rock ‘ n’ Roll Show.


He’s been known to bring a huge rockin’ party to his house.8.

You can’t even get ahold of your own Rock ‘ N’ Roll gear.9.

You are not alone.

There are hundreds of rockstars like you.10.

You will be missed.