When you get to a place where it’s snowing and people are walking barefoot, do you think you can get snowed in?

When you’re on the road in the snow, it’s a bit more of a challenge, said Chris Rizzo, senior vice president of marketing and brand partnerships for Morrison, a company that sells snow tires.

“But when it’s wet, it becomes much easier,” he said.

Morrison also makes gravel bike tires, and the company has been able to do so by getting rid of the plastic inside.

But even then, Rizzolos said, you can’t get a bead of snow.

“The water is still in the bottom of the tire,” he added.

You can only get a handful of bead sizes of snow on a typical ride.

The only time the company uses a “harder” material like aluminum, he said, is when they’re trying to make their tire last for a long time.

“We really want to get the most out of the tires we have on the market,” Rizzos said.

“It’s about being able to last for decades.”

And while the company says it makes its tires in the U.S., Rizzols said, it can make them in countries like Brazil, where its tires are made.

“If it’s an American company, we don’t need to change anything about our manufacturing process,” he explained.