The Dirt Bike Race of the Year: Dirt Bike Championship Finals – The D.C. Circuit


— On Saturday, August 24, D.CBURST Racing, a division of the D.CORVITA Racing Group, is set to battle the DINA Gravell Parr, a DINA Specialized Pro team, to win the Dirt Bike race at the Dina Specialized Track in Northeast Washington.DINA Graveld Parr will be competing against the reigning Dirt Bike Champion, DINA DNF, in a race that will pit the Dirt bikes against the road bikes in a series of events that include gravel bike racing, a road bike race, and the DARA.

Dina Graveld parr is led by champion and DINA champion, Hannah P. Parr of Fort Collins, Colorado, and is currently riding a career best third place finish in the DRAINĀ® Women’s 10,000 Meter Relay at the National Junior Track Championships in August.DARA DNF is led and coached by DINA Racing Team member and DARA DINA Champion, Hannah Parr.


C Circuit is a four-mile paved dirt track located in Northeast DC near the intersection of Virginia Ave.

SE and 14th Street SE.

The Dirt bike racing circuit features over 20 dirt bike tracks, including some of the best in the world, including the legendary DARA, the DNF Dirt Bike Classic.

The DARA Dirt Bike Racing Series will feature a two-week event at DARA Track in April.

For more information about the Dirt bike track, check out the DERA website.