How to clear gravel driveway edges and curb ramps without damaging your drive

Gravel driveway edgers are popular because they reduce the chance of your driveways becoming covered in mud and ice.

However, the best way to clear your driveway is by hand.

We have created a video tutorial that shows you how to remove gravel driveway edges and curb bumps.

The tutorial will show you how you can clear a gravel driveway from a driveway curb ramp without damaging it.

You can also install a new curb curb in a new driveway without damaging the driveway itself.

If you’ve never installed a curb curb before, you can watch the video and follow along with our step-by-step guide to installing a curb.


Make sure you have a solid piece of scrap concrete that is not more than 2.5 metres (9 feet) long.

Gravel curb ramps can be installed from 2.6 metres (8 feet) apart.


Cut a piece of 2.3m (8.4ft) high-density cement (HDC) to fit between two of the edges.

Use a small flat-blade saw or a sanding block to cut out the HDC.

If using a saw, cut it from the outside.

If not, cut a piece about the size of a pea.


Tape the concrete to the curb curb by using an adhesive that sticks to the cement.


Attach the curb with a piece that is 3cm (1.4 inches) thick.

Use adhesive to secure it to the surface of the curb.


Secure the curb to the driveway by using a piece with a 3cm thickness (1/8 inch) or more.


Install the curb by drilling a hole in the concrete and then attaching the curb using a 5cm (2.5 inches) diameter hole.


Install a piece to secure the curb, which will also secure the base of the ramp.


Once you have the curb installed, make sure that you have enough concrete to clear the curb ramps of mud and debris.