This diamondback gravel binder will put your bike to the test!

This diamondbacks gravel bender uses a diamondback casing and is designed for gravel bike tires.

The gravel benders weight is 1.5 lbs (0.2 kg) and has a capacity of 800c (14.8g).

The gravel bander uses a carbon fiber shell to build the bender and also adds an additional 50c (100g) of carbon fiber to the bottom bracket.

The bender is made of a high strength steel with carbon fiber lining and a carbon frame.

The frame has a carbon fork.

You can check out a video on how it’s done below.

The bike has an impressive 1.55 inches (39mm) of wheelbase and the carbon frame provides excellent stability.

The carbon frame uses a 3D printed carbon fiber frame that is lightweight and strong.

You also get a carbon handlebar, seat post, pedals and chainrings.

Check out the video below to see how the benders build.