How to get from here to there with gravel walkways

It’s easy to get a little lost when you don’t know where you are or how to get there.

But that’s what gravel walkers like David and Amanda Patey are going through.

In their backyard in north-central Wisconsin, Pateys two-story home, where they raise a pair of pups, sits on gravel.

“The whole thing is just really steep,” Pateies son, Josh, said.

“It’s really not easy.

It’s not a natural slope, it’s not going to get any easier.”

In August, the Pateests were making plans to hike up the hill, to go from their home to their destination.

But then the water turned to ice and the ice turned to gravel.

Pateys son and son-in-law were not the only ones affected.

In the summer, Pates’ family has been forced to abandon their home.

“It’s just really scary to be able to go back down that path, but I guess that’s life,” Josh Pate yelped.

Pates said the ice has made it a lot more difficult to get to their water sources, like the creek they use for drinking water.

And he said he and his family are not sure when they will be able get back on the trail.