How to get the best gravel bike handlebar for your bike

When you’re looking to build your first gravel bike, it’s a good idea to consider which handlebars you’d like to go with, especially if you plan on using the bike for the first time.

This article will walk you through how to get a gravel bike’s handlebars up to spec and then provide some pointers on how to set them up for riding.1.

Choose the right handlebar mount You can get a handlebar on a bike that has a set of bolts holding the rear end of the handlebar together, but that’s a bit of a pain in the ass if you’re just trying to build a basic bike.

A good choice is to choose one that will allow you to mount your bike’s brake lever, shifter, and pedals in a vertical position.

These mounting options include:The best setup will depend on the frame, but you can easily upgrade to a vertical mounting system with a threaded bolt.

The downside of a vertical mount is that the bike will likely be less stable, and the bolts holding it in place will likely tear and fall off over time.

You can find these mount options on many mountain bikes, such as the Venge, and on bikes that have been specifically designed for riding gravel.2.

Choose a mount with a well-defined mounting locationThe most common mount options are a standard mount that’s available on most bikes, or a threaded mount.

These are available from brands like Campagnolo, Shimano, and Shimano.

The standard mount is often the one most people will pick, because it offers good stiffness and allows for easy assembly.

Mounts with threaded bolts are easier to attach to a frame and have a longer travel.

The drawback of threaded mounts is that they are usually heavier and can be prone to breaking.3.

Measure the bike’s weightThe weight of your bike will dictate which handlebar mounting system you should use.

If you’re going to be riding the bike at a higher speed, a vertical or threaded mount is the best option.

For more speed, you can go for a fixed mount.

When you want to ride a bike at lower speeds, you’ll want a standard and threaded mount, respectively.

For more information on how much weight your bike should weigh, check out this guide from

Choose an adjustable mounting systemThe most popular option for riders who want to upgrade their bike is to use a threaded or standard mount.

This option is often found on mountain bikes and cruisers, and offers a great range of mounting options.

The biggest drawback of this type of mounting system is that it’s likely to have more bolts in it, which can make your bike unstable.

You may want to consider an adjustable mount, such an adjustable stem with a more vertical profile, if you need more leverage or stability.5.

Choose your frame typeThe best bike frame for your riding style and riding style may be different from the bike you choose to ride, depending on what you want your bike to be able to do.

For instance, a bike designed for touring may have a higher center of gravity, or the bike may have less suspension travel.

There’s no right answer, but some frame choices will help you decide which option you should go with.

To find out more about what kind of frame you should buy, check our top 10 bike frames article.

The bottom line: You can build a gravel-specific bike with any of the most popular frame types, but the best solution is a standard or threaded mounting system that allows you to easily attach your pedals, brake lever and shifter to the bike frame.

It’s not the best choice for all riders, and it’s not as versatile as a threaded and standard mount, but it’s an option that will provide stability and good stiffness for a lot of riders.