How to fix parking pad problems at Brisbane’s Brisbane Convention Centre

The Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre is a hot spot for bugs and stowaways but there are ways to make sure you don’t end up at a similar situation to the one you just encountered.

While many hotel rooms are equipped with a stowaway trap, Brisbane Convention Center guests must park in a designated “gravel” parking pad.

The area is a little more than two metres deep and the pad is covered with plastic mesh.

“You can only park in one of the four lanes, which is located on the right of the building,” a Brisbane Convention Authority spokesman said.

“The only lane is the one with the stow away pad on the left side of the street.”

The stowabes are located behind the venue, just across from the main entrance and away from any other traffic.

“It’s very small and very easy to park on the street,” Mr Griffiths said.

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