How much should players be paid for their time?

The league is looking to make a more concerted effort to improve the way the game is played and has launched a “play a game” initiative that aims to address the issue of a “flawed” pay-to-play system in the NFL.

The new initiative, launched Wednesday, is part of the league’s effort to address player safety, specifically the use of a technology known as concussion testing.

The initiative is the latest step in the league to take in an effort to combat the effects of head injuries.

It also comes just days after former Giants linebacker Jonathan Casillas revealed that he suffered a concussion in the 2016 season.

The league said it will offer players a minimum of $2,500 per year for their entire careers if they undergo concussion testing and have not played a game.

Players would have to take a mandatory test within two months of returning from the concussion, and be able to take it up again within two years of being released from the league.

The minimum is part a league plan to offer compensation to players who get hurt.

The NFL has been grappling with the issue for years, and it has also seen the prevalence of concussions.

The latest concussion data is based on a survey conducted by the league last year, which showed that just over 2 percent of NFL players reported having a concussion.

About 8 percent had a mild or moderate concussion, while 8.3 percent had an acute concussion.

A further 2.4 percent had some mild or no concussion, the league said.

There are currently about 2.6 million players in the game, according to the league, and a lot of that has been through the use the concussion test.

According to the latest concussion statistics, the average NFL player suffered a head injury in the last two years, while the average player has suffered a mild concussion in his career.

The number of players who suffered concussions in the past year is estimated at nearly 1,000.

The survey found that an average concussion would be felt on a player’s left side of the brain, where there is a more prominent effect on the central nervous system.

Concussions have been a concern in recent years, with some of the biggest stories centered around former Super Bowl champion Peyton Manning.

Last year, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announced a plan to implement a mandatory testing program for players in 2019 and beyond, including a $25,000 payment for each concussion.

Players with the highest levels of concussion history were also included in the plan.

The commissioner’s plan was met with backlash from some players and others who believed it would be too difficult to prove a concussion had occurred, particularly when the average concussion rate was only 2 percent.

In the meantime, the NFL has increased its concussion compensation payments to the average amount of $7,500 from $4,500.

The payouts are based on the number of concussive events per year, the severity of the injury, the player’s history of concussed players, and their overall performance in the two-year period.

However, some players say the current system is too lenient.

“I would argue that it is too harsh,” former NFL tight end Zach Ertz told NFL Network’s NFL Total Access last year.

“The money that we are talking about is a lot for what they do.

They can get away with it for years.

You have guys that are playing on their fifth team and they have three concussions, they don’t have to be paid anything.”

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell also told that players who don’t go through concussion testing will receive an additional $2 million per year in compensation.

“Players will receive more money for playing their sport and for the care they provide to their teammates,” Goodell said.

“We are doing everything we can to make sure that players can get their money, regardless of whether they’re getting a concussion or not.”

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