How to Make a Dump Truck Look Like an Axe

This is a quick and dirty tutorial to make your driveway look like a dump truck.

There are two major issues with the method: The first is that it’s a bit of a mess to do, especially if you’re just starting out.

The second is that you need to do a little work on your driveway to make it look nice.

If you can, skip this step.

The first step is to cut some plastic to make a driveway.

This will allow you to make the driveway look as smooth as possible.

You can also make the plastic out of cardboard or other plastic.

Once you have the plastic, lay it flat over the concrete driveway and cut it down with a dremel or saw.

This way you can get a nice smooth and shiny surface.

Next, you need a set of concrete wheels that you can use to make this look even more like a ditch.

You will need about four to six feet of clear plastic to cover the bottom of your driveway.

Next you need some concrete bricks to make sure your driveway will be sturdy enough to withstand the weight of the truck.

This is the first step in your DIY dump truck tutorial.

First, you want to fill the holes with cement.

This cement will give the ditch a nice, smooth, smooth finish.

Next use a duster or other tool to fill in the holes.

Next lay the clear plastic out over the road and use the duster to fill them with concrete.

If using concrete, you can skip this part.

The last step is a few things to add.

First you need about six to eight feet of concrete to fill it in.

You’ll need to lay the concrete bricks over the driveway, and then put the bricks in place using the dremels.

Then, lay the plastic over the entire area and make sure the plastic is covered.

Next put the concrete on the driveway and cover it up with the concrete.

Lastly, lay out the clear concrete to give it a nice finish.

You should be able to get your driveway looking like a real dump truck, even though it’s not the real thing.