When the World Cup gets underway: Argentina, Uruguay to face Italy

After the first group stage, the two groups will be drawn in a tie-break, and both teams will have two weeks to prepare for the first leg of their group.

It will be the first time the two teams meet since their last encounter in October.

The result of this tie-breaker will decide the result of the second leg, as well as the first-leg.

It is unclear whether either side will be able to win their match on Saturday, and if Argentina can advance, it will likely be by more than 10 points.

The first leg will be played at 4pm GMT on Sunday, October 16.

Argentina, who were defeated 4-0 by Chile at the Copa America last month, face Uruguay in the quarter-finals.

It’s the first game between these two sides since 2013, and the first between Argentina and Uruguay since 1999.

Argentina are still hoping to secure a spot in next year’s World Cup, and are keen to add the hosts to their already strong squad. 

They are looking to add several key players to their ranks, including former Liverpool and Barcelona player Neymar, who has been on the move in the last few months.

The Argentina squad has also featured former Chelsea defender Giorgio Chiellini, who joined the Argentine squad on loan, as a replacement for the suspended Paulo Dybala.