Man, woman arrested after woman’s pet dog escaped from house

A Florida woman was arrested Tuesday after her dog escaped her home and ran into a backyard, police said.

Authorities said the woman, who has not been identified, left the dog in the backyard of her apartment complex.

It then went into the backyard, where it was captured by a neighbor who came out to help, police Chief David J. Jones said.

Police said the dog, named Pea, had a “mild heart attack” and “couldn’t fight off the attack.”

The neighbor said the animal had been outside the complex for several hours and it was still in the yard.

“The dog was barking and barking at the neighbor and the neighbor was able to get the dog out of the yard,” Jones said Tuesday.

“The dog wasn’t moving.

It was very lethargic.”

Neighbors told WESH-TV the neighbor tried to calm the dog down by pulling a blanket over the dog and then placing it on the sidewalk to prevent it from getting too far.