A Dirt and Gravel Vacuum, a 5-Piece Vacuum for Your Home

Newegg is launching a new vacuum for your home.

Called Dirt and Golf, the vacuum features a 5 Piece vacuum design, a full-size and a 5 inch model.

The vacuum comes with a 2 inch motor that’s also powered by the battery pack and is fully sealed.

A 5-inch model is priced at $349 and a full size at $399.

This vacuum also includes a remote control that allows you to control the vacuum by voice commands.

A price has not been announced.

The Dirt and the Golf vacuums will be available in three colors.

A red model will cost $149, while a black model will start at $199.

This is a very good price for the vacuum.

The Dirt and a golf vacuum also come with an adapter that allows them to be used with a 5.25 inch or 5.5 inch motor.

This adapter lets you set the distance between the motor and the vacuum, and the size of the motor, and it also allows you a quick disconnect from the battery.

This makes it possible to replace the battery and motor if needed.

The new Dirt and golf vacuys will come with a 1 year warranty, and they will be offered for pre-order starting this weekend.

This means that if you don’t get your Vacuum in time for the holidays, you will be able to buy the vacuum at a discounted price.

Newegg does not provide pricing details for the other two vacuoms, but we expect the price will be similar to the regular Dirt and G Golf vacuiys.

Newell says that the new Vacuum is built for “everyday home use,” which we think is an understatement.