How the AFL’s first new home stadium will work

Posted June 02, 2018 07:17:11As the AFL announced on Friday morning that the Perth Glory would move to the newly-built ANZ Stadium, a number of questions have been raised.

The first question of course is how will the ground work?

The ANZ is a football stadium that’s been built over more than 100 years, but is not actually a football ground.

Rather, it is a combination of three different stadiums built in the 1920s, the first of which was the old Sydney Cricket Ground, and the second of which is now the Perth Stadium.

The ANL’s official website says the AFL has chosen to build the new stadium in the form of a “graveled” concrete surface, with gravel edging between the sections of the ground.

It’s a design feature the AFL says is the first time a new football ground has been designed for the AFL and is designed to “maintain an appropriate playing surface for AFL football”.

“It is the only AFL stadium to be designed this way,” it says.

“It has the same design principles as previous AFL stadiums and has been engineered to maintain an appropriate football surface for the game.”

How will the gravel work?

There will be no gravel to be found in the stadium, but the ground will be covered with a layer of soil that’s made of different organic materials and engineered to help absorb impact during collisions.

The ground will also feature a unique “puddle system” designed to absorb the water from the field and the water level will be set to the average level of the city.

“The new stadium will have a unique playing surface,” the AFL said in a statement.

“A unique surface that is designed for AFL Football is designed and engineered by the AFL to maintain a suitable football surface.”

For a football fan, the stadium will provide an intimate experience of the game with a unique, premium atmosphere.

“How does the ground fit in with the rest of the new ANZ?

The first hurdle to overcome is the fact that the ground won’t be built to accommodate the AFL in any way.

The stadium will sit above the ground surface at the northern end of the AFL Stadium and will be designed to be able to be used for AFL matches as well as being a venue for local community events.

It will also be a venue that will play host to some of the major sporting events the AFL will have around the country, including the Melbourne Cup, the Western Bulldogs and the Melbourne Rebels.”

From a public transport point of view, the new AFL stadium will serve as a hub for all events, from AFL to VFL, AFL Cup and other major sporting and community events,” the ANL said.

The new ground will have its own entrance at the north end of Perth, which will be called the “Grandstand”, and the grandstand will be “a public entrance to the stadium” in order to attract fans and spectators to the ground, it said.

But the grandstream will be connected to the venue by two long staircases, one of which will lead to the south end of what is called the A-grade.

There will also also be three smaller entry points for spectators to get into the ground from the north, west and south ends of the venue.

The grandstand is expected to feature a bar and food stalls, a lounge area, a “lounge area” with two large screens for live TV, and a VIP lounge.

There’s no word yet on when the AFL may open the ground to the public.


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