How to buy a goat in India

A goat is worth $1,600 in India, according to a new report from the World Bank.

The goat is the country’s second most valuable animal, after cattle.

The report said the price is $1.7 billion higher than the average of $1 million for a male goat in the US.

The goats are raised in poor conditions, with poor sanitation, little sunlight and little water.

The country has about 5 million goats.

The average price of a goat is $400.

The World Bank said in its annual goat market report that about $2.7 trillion worth of goats are being sold in India each year.

It said the number of goats is about 1.6 million, but that a lot of the numbers could be inflated.

“The goat market is a global one, but it is particularly important to India, given its economic situation, with the country having a population of nearly 2 billion,” the report said.

The goat is one of the countrys most valued animals.

It is the third most valuable after cows and pigs.

India has about 2.2 billion goats.

There are around 7 million breeding pairs in the country, according the World Wildlife Fund.

There are about 3,500 breeding pairs of the white goat in New Delhi, the report added.

A white goat has a high milk yield, with a milk yield of more than 6 tons per hectare.

A male white goat can produce 20 to 30 kilograms of milk a year, compared to about 3.5 kilograms for a female goat.