How to make a rock and gravel bike without a helmet

In this article, we take a look at how to make your own DIY rock and grime bike without one.

We’ll start by making our own gravel bike from scratch.

You’ll need: 2 litres of water (1.2 litres for each person) 1.5 litres of crushed rock, gravel or other material, including crushed stone or crushed rock (this will add up to a maximum of 6.5kg of material) a small box to contain your bike’s components, including your seatpost and pedals a pair of bicycle tyres to match your bike A bucket or similar container for mixing the water and sand The following tools are also required: a bucket or other container to contain the water, sand or crushed gravel, a pair of sturdy bicycle tyres or a similar container, and a large knife (we recommend a long knife for this).

A plastic bottle to store your water and some water-based lubricant A hammer, a chisel or other cutting tool, and an old, sturdy knife to remove the gravel.

First, fill up your bucket or container with water, and pour the water into it.

You’ll need to ensure that the bucket or bucket container is full so that the gravel doesn’t settle in it.

Grab your rock, and start cutting into the gravel, making sure to leave a small gap for you to sit in.

Make sure you’re carefully keeping your bike on the ground, otherwise you risk your bike rolling away.

Using the knife, cut the gravel into smaller pieces, using the knife as a guide to ensure the cuts are deep enough to hold your bike in place.

When you’re happy with the shape of your bike, you can use your knife to cut out the remaining gravel.

Repeat the process with the remaining rock and sand, adding water to ensure you have enough to keep the bike upright.

Cut your tyres and then lay them flat on the gravel to form a wheel.

Once you’ve done this, you’ll need some small sand paper to make the wheel, using a paper towel as a template to make sure you get everything right.

Next, start adding the pedals and tyres, and you’re done!