New York City cracks down on plastic bags

New York CITY — New York City authorities cracked down on bagging on Saturday, banning the bags of everything from soft drink containers to coffee grinders.

The city’s Transportation Department announced the enforcement order on Twitter and said it will require plastic bags to be sold at stores and on city buses.

The city says bags larger than a 16-ounce can would no longer be allowed, including those from coffee shops, restaurants and other businesses.

“It’s not just the plastic bags that are a problem,” said Michael Kofman, an assistant deputy commissioner of the city’s Department of Consumer Affairs.

“The bags themselves are a big problem.”

In addition to banning all bags bigger than 16 ounces, the order requires bags to contain a sticker, tag, label or other device that shows the bag is not for resale.

It also prohibits bags that have a “Made in America” logo or the words “Made by U.S.A.” on them.

Bags larger than 10 inches will not be allowed on city streets, and city buses will no longer carry them.

In addition, city transportation workers will now have to follow the order when picking up people who have not paid for the bags.

The new rules also apply to people using ride-sharing apps like Uber, Lyft and Sidecar.

The agency said these apps use a combination of a driver’s cell phone number and name, as well as a driver or passengers’ photo and name.

They also have a list of ride-hailing companies that accept ride-share apps.

New Yorkers who refuse to remove their plastic bags are being fined $125 and face up to 180 days in jail.