Women bike helmets are the most popular item in the gravel bike aisle

This is the third time this year that the gravel-biking community has taken on the challenge of collecting gravel bikes from its own backyard.

The group, called the Women’s Gravel Bike Coalition, launched a petition in December, urging the US government to mandate that women wear helmets while riding gravel bikes.

The idea of the campaign has been met with great enthusiasm and support from members of the gravel community.

“The campaign has really grown exponentially and is now a really popular campaign,” said Amanda Williams, a member of the group.

“There are so many gravel bike enthusiasts that really love the idea of using a bike as a way to transport themselves and the children in the community.”

This year’s campaign is much larger than last year, and the goal is to collect more than 200,000 gravel bikes by February 2019.

This year, Williams said the group was also planning a road trip through the US, which is a great way to collect gravel bikes and to encourage the use of these types of bikes.

“I think the main thing that is really unique about the gravel bicycle is the way that they are designed to transport people,” she said.

“We know that it can be used for transport and as a recreational vehicle.”

The Women’s Grivel Bike Campaign has now collected more than 6,000 of the types of gravel bikes that women use to transport and transport their children.

For the group, the campaign was not about the helmet requirement, but rather the fact that the average American woman has not yet been given the option of a gravel bike.

The coalition said the campaign will continue to collect and share photos of women riding the bikes.

As the campaign nears its end, the Women Grivel Bicycle Coalition has begun offering donations to other gravel bike owners, so that more women can have the chance to experience the joys of gravel biking for themselves.

“This campaign has allowed us to really build a bond with the women that ride these bikes,” said Williams.

“It’s been such a fun, amazing experience.”