How to remove debris from your driveway and pave the way for future construction

If you’re struggling to get your driveway done in time, you might want to check out a gravel driveway repair service.

Gravel is a by-product of asphalt, the same material used to pave a road.

Asphalt chips off gravel, so a gravel-paved driveway is an effective way to remove it.

The driveway-paving service is available to anyone who wants to repair damaged roads and pave them in place.

The contractor’s job is to lay out a driveway-sized area, with the asphalt and gravel in different spots.

The area is then laid out on a flat surface.

After this, the gravel is placed on top and a layer of sand is put over the asphalt.

The sand helps to protect the gravel from erosion, and makes it easier to scrape and polish the asphalt, according to the company’s website.

The service is currently offered in Edmonton, Saskatoon, Calgary and Toronto.

It’s also available in other parts of Canada.

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