How to stop gravel roads in the Northern Territory

The Northern Territory Government has been cracking down on gravel roads that are too dangerous to drive, with more than 150 of the state’s roads being removed in just the last 12 months.

Key points:The Government has cut about 500 gravel roads, with another 500 to go in the coming monthsMr Morrison said gravel roads are a major contributor to road deathsMr Morrison also promised a new national road safety strategy for the Northern TerritoriesThe Government says removing roadworks would not reduce the number of road deathsThe Government said the Government had cut about 5,000 kilometres of gravel roads over the past 12 months, and more than 100,000 gravel road repairs were completed in the region.

The Government also said the removal of roads and the construction of new roads in remote and remote areas would not affect road safety.

“There are no roads in that region that are unsafe to drive,” Mr Morrison said.

“The vast majority of the roads that we’ve removed have been in remote or remote areas.”

These roads are not only dangerous, they’re also extremely expensive to repair.

“In addition to the removal, the Government has started to work with the National Land Council on a new strategy for roads and rail.

The National Land Trust and the Northern Land Council will be working together to create a national road and rail strategy that will identify the needs of remote and non-remote areas.

Mr Morrison told the ABC the strategy would identify the best practices and technologies for the remote and rural communities in remote areas, and set out where and how to develop a new road network.”

In remote areas there is a lot of work going on with road maintenance and infrastructure, and we need to look at ways to improve that,” he said.

Road safety has been a key issue for the Territory Government since Mr Morrison took over in December.

He announced plans to remove more than 500 kilometres of road, and build roads to improve the safety of remote roads.

Mr Turnbull said the strategy had been developed in consultation with the Northern Australia Land Council.”

We are moving in a way that is taking a regional approach and using a national approach,” he told reporters.”

It’s not about a single national plan, it’s about developing a national strategy for remote and not-remote communities.

“He said the plan would address road safety issues from the community’s perspective, including road maintenance, road safety, and road safety technology.”

Our goal is to improve road safety across the Northern Australian region and beyond,” Mr Turnbull said.

Mr Abbott has also promised to create new national transport policy, which he says will look at “the needs of regional Australia” to ensure the Northern Australians “live a life of greater convenience and mobility”.

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